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how to become a better writer
See also: How to Write Every Day Just because we write a lot doesn’t mean we get better at it. Writing often enables us to become more familiar with the task. But familiarity with an imperfect writing means you’ll never get a perfected writing. And we write a lot. A lot of […]

How to Become a Better Writer

how to write your personal motto
What is a personal motto? A personal motto is the equivalent of a business slogan. In a single(ish) sentence or phrase, you capture who you are and what you are doing (or at least what you want to be doing) on Earth. College essay applications are the only time you […]

How to Write Your Personal Motto

See also: Beginner’s Guide to Poetic Meter. Do you want to tell a story in a sing-song fashion? No. You want to write a ballad. A ballad is a song that tells a story. While many of the popular ballads you hear on the radio (and Internet) are love songs, any […]

How to Write a Ballad

how to write a skit without hating everyone
It’s happened to me every Thanksgiving for the past four years: a group of us sit down to come up with the most hilarious skit of all time. Three people share their ideas, and the other twelve groan internally and go along with it. Teachers, extroverts, and youth group leaders […]

How to Write a Skit (without hating everyone)

awesome apps and programs for writers
Truth is, if you’re a writer then I’m hoping you’re already using some or all of these programs. But if you’re just getting started or looking to expand your ability, I have some suggestions for you. Here are 6 of the best programs and apps (in no particular order) for […]

6 Awesome Apps and Programs for Writers

how to start journaling
Two weeks ago I wrote about all the convincing reasons why you should journal. As much as you might want to journal, if you’re like the rest of us, you figured you had enough going on with New Year’s Resolutions and a) have already quit journaling or b) didn’t start because you […]

How to Start Journaling (and keep doing it)

Everyone listen up: mediocre (and worse) is in! If you want to make it big, you need to start doing the opposite of conventional wisdom. If you have any aspirations as a musician (or want any bragging rights), then you need to start writing, recording, and publishing songs that suck. […]

How to Write Songs that Suck