About How to Write Blank


How to Write Blank is a repository of thoroughly researched tutorials on how to write anything. At least… it will be once it gets some more posts published! Why am I creating this repository?

Because I believe writing is for anyone. I know writing benefits everyone. Everyone needs to know how to do it, and everyone can get better at it.

Think about how much writing you’ve probably already done today. How many texts have you sent? Have you written an email? When was your last Google search? And if you’re a student at any level, you’ve at least been writing notes.

Writing in different forms changes the way you write in your most used forms. And the more sophisticated, diverse, and skilled your writing is, the better off you will be in our writing-saturated world.

I’ve divided all these forms of writing into four categories:

  1. Fiction. In this category you will find tutorials about writing novels, short fiction, genre, and scripts.
  2. Poetry. Here I keep tutorials for writing in different poetic forms, and music.
  3. Non-fiction. The most broad category, you’ll find tutorials for writing within the forms of academia, web content, personal growth, and life skills.
  4. Extraneous. Here you’ll find tips and tricks for grammar and vocabulary, publishing, and practicing (and getting better at) the writing craft.

Think I might be missing something? Want to request a tutorial? Let me know here.

May you find something useful on this site.

About Me

Hi! I'm Beth!

Hi. My name is Elizabeth Hobbs—I’m pleased to make your acquaintance! Do please call me Beth.

I’ve been a reader since I was very young. My parents would read to me before I went to bed up until I was 10, and I regularly re-read the books they read to me in my spare time. I remember in the 2nd grade I often read through the entirety of the Chronicles of Narnia. The shortest time it took me to get through all 7 books was a single day! (Although I may have admittedly skipped some of the boring sections to do so…)

It comes as no surprise then, that I have also been a writer since I was very young. I started writing my first novel when I was 8 (also in 2nd grade, haha), and while I never finished that story, I’ve been writing ever since.

One of the most impactful seasons of my writing life was in the 4th grade. Each morning before we would start our regular lessons, our teacher would write a 1-2 sentence prompt on the board and give us 15 minutes to write a story based on the prompt. Strange, fanciful, hilarious things came out of those prompts! As did an enduring love for writing. I also learned how to write an essay for the first time under that teacher.

Because of that love for writing, I breezed through middle and high school humanities classes, always writing at a higher level than I “should have” been writing, and chose to go into English for my Bachelor. I realize that none of this really counts for anything, since I’ve never been published.

But despite that glaring failure, I have always found writing enriches my life. Which is why I wanted to create How to Write Blank as a resource for anyone looking how to write something. Whether you’re a student, a stay at home dad, or a three-time grandmother, writing can benefit you.

Since I don’t have my own publishing history to give me credibility, I am committed to thoroughly researching each article to ensure that you’re getting solid advice. As much as I can, I’ll try to give credit to my research, but please don’t be upset if I didn’t because a lot of the information I’m sharing comes from my years in the English department. I don’t always remember where the knowledge came from!

And just so you know—I’ve usually tested my advice in my own writing.