Why You Should Plagiarize Poetry
How do we become better poets? As with all forms of writing, the way you get better at writing poetry is by intentionally writing more poetry. Keyword: intentionally. If you want to get better at poetry, you need to focus on different elements and techniques. So to get better at […]

Why You Should Plagiarize Poetry

My favorite poetic assignments were always the free verse poems. After however many weeks of sonnets, blank verse, haikus and other strict forms, it was nice to be able to just spew words. But after writing more poetry, I’ve found that free verse is just as much of a form as […]

How to Write Free Verse Poetry

3 Ways to Write Song Lyrics
See also: How to Write Songs that Suck I prefer lyrically-driven songs to music-driven songs because I think lyrics are a song’s backbone. But lyrics—especially good lyrics—are hard to write. And even after writing 40+ songs for myself, I’m still not sure I’ve ever written a good lyric. You will need […]

3 Ways to Write Song Lyrics

how to write a limerick
Limericks are witty 5-line poems that originate from Limerick, Ireland. (Anything on the Internet is true, right?) Historically limericks originated in France but became popularized in Limerick, where the story goes that drinking Irish poets would have poetry battles. After Edward Lear published a collection of limericks in A Book of Nonsense, the […]

How to Write a Limerick

See also: Beginner’s Guide to Poetic Meter. Do you want to tell a story in a sing-song fashion? No. You want to write a ballad. A ballad is a song that tells a story. While many of the popular ballads you hear on the radio (and Internet) are love songs, any […]

How to Write a Ballad