how to better your writing

“NO!” my friend shouted, upset. “What’s wrong?” I asked, leaving the kitchen to join them in the living room. “This company wants a cover letter in addition to a resume!” I understand why it can seem distressing to have to add a cover letter to a resume. It’s enough of […]

How to Write a Winning Application Cover Letter

Why You Should Plagiarize Poetry
How do we become better poets? As with all forms of writing, the way you get better at writing poetry is by intentionally writing more poetry. Keyword: intentionally. If you want to get better at poetry, you need to focus on different elements and techniques. So to get better at […]

Why You Should Plagiarize Poetry

how to become a better writer
See also: How to Write Every Day Just because we write a lot doesn’t mean we get better at it. Writing often enables us to become more familiar with the task. But familiarity with an imperfect writing means you’ll never get a perfected writing. And we write a lot. A lot of […]

How to Become a Better Writer